Mark Catesby's Natural History

The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands published in 2 volumes and an Appendix, 1732 to 1747 (First Edition)

Catesby's work was concluded before the publication of Species Plantarum and is therefore pre-Linnaean. Although he was only an amateur artist and he did not provide great detail in his drawings (particularly of the flower parts vital to Linnaean classification), Carl Linnaeus cited his work many times in Species Plantarum (first published in 1753).

The Third Edition of the Natural History, printed in 1771 long after Catesby's death, included a Linnaean classification by George Edwards.

The current scientific names in the listing of plants, referenced below, were determined by reference to Species Plantarum and this listing by George Edwards. Additional information was obtained from various online resources and:

• The Beehive Press 1974 edition of the Natural History: Notes by Joseph Ewan (pages 89 to 100)

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