The Meaning of Names (L = Latin, GK = Greek)

alba L white
angustifolia L narrow leaves
arenarius L growing in sandy places
argentea L silver
aristata L bearded
asperata L rough, uneven
aurea L gold
aureospicata L golden spike
australis L southern
bapto GK to dye or dip
bicolor L two-colored
bisquamata L two-scaled
brevifolia L short, small leaves
capitata L head-shaped
chinensis L Chinese
communis L common
concolor L colored, of the same color
conferta L crowded, full
contorta L twisted, contorted
decussata L shaped like and X meaning opposite pairs of leaves, each pair at right angles to the pair below
dendron GK tree
densiflora L dense, close flowers
denudata L bare
distichum L in twos (leaf arrangement)
dolabrata L pick-axe-shaped
echiniformis L hedgehog-shaped
erecta L stiff, upright
ericoides L heath-like (family Ericaceae = Heath)
falcata L sickle-shaped
fastigiata L branches sloping steeply upward, almost parallel to the stem (tapering point)
filicoides L thread-like, fern-like
filifera L thread-leafed
filiformis L in the form of a thread
flabelliformis L fan-shaped
glauca L bluish grey, milky
gracilipes L having a slender stalk
gracilis L slender
heterophyllus GK different leaves (leaf shape)
integra L entire
japonica L Japanese
koreana L Korean
laricina L larch-like
lasiocarpa L rough, woolly fruit
leucodermis GK and L white (leukos) skin or bark
libani L Lebanese
lutea L orange, yellow
macrocarpa GK large fruit
microsperma GK small seeds
mucronata GK pointed, short tip
nana L dwarf, small
nidiformis L like a bird's nest (shape)
nigra L black
occidentalis L western
oides GK similar to
orientalis L eastern
pachy- GK prefix for thick
pachyphylla GK fat (thick) leaves
paludosus L marsh
palustris L marsh
parviflora L small flowers
parviformis L small size
pendula L hanging, drooping
pentaphylla GK five-leaved
-phylla GK suffix = leaf
pisifera GK pea-bearing
plicata L folded, pleated
plumosa L feathery, has a plume (feather)
procera L tall, long
procumbens L reclining, lying on the ground
pumila L small, dwarf
pungens L sharp points (spiny)
purpurea L purple
repanda L curving, wavy leaf margins
repens L creeping, spreading
saxatilis L found among rocks
scopulorum L found growing on cliffs
sibirica L Siberian
squamata L scaly
squarrosa L scaly or scale-like (leaves or bracts), overlapping pointy leaves
stenocoma L thin hairs
strobus L and GK cone
styraciflua L flowing with gum
sylvestris L forest
tabuliformis L (table) flat form
taxodium L/GK yew-like
taxus L yew
tetragona GK four-angled
umbraculifera L bears umbels
variegatus L variegated
verticillata L whorled
viminalis L flexible (because of shoots used to make baskets), basket
virescens L becoming green
virgatus L twiggy, striped
viridis L green
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