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Table of Contents for Edition 1 Volume 1:

The original work has no Table of Contents. The following is a list of the contents of Volume 1 and the Appendix, in page order:

Table of Contents Edition 1 Volume 2

Summary of the Preface to Edition 1 Volume 1.

The objective of the work is to provide information about the Genus Pinus and other Genera of Conifers, with instruction as to their better cultivation and management. A secondary objective was to promote the growth of deal timber and also to increase the number of species used in ornamental gardens. The most noteworthy gardens where Pines are cultivated are listed:

Summary of addenda et corrigenda

Tab 16 - should be Pinus pungens not Pinus taeda

Tab 21 - the first tab 21 is not Pinus longifolia as labelled, the second tab 21 is Pinus longifolia and the description on page 29 is amended

Tab 34 - tab colored and a branch added

Tab 37 bis - Pinus cedrus

Tab 38 - Pinus dammara additional specimens

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