Acer x conspicuum van Gelderen & Oterdoom

Snakebark Maple

Cultiver Phoenix bark

Cultiver Phoenix bark

Family: Sapindaceae

Genus: Acer

Category: Tree - Deciduous

Zones: 4 to 7?

Size: To 30' tall

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade


Hybrids grown for their bark which is striped in winter.


'Phoenix' - I saw this at Hillier - yellow bark - RHS Award of Garden Merit. A seedling of 'Silver Vein'. Yellow autumn color.

'Silver Vein' - arching branches streaked green and white, large 3-lobed leaves with red petioles, yellow autumn color. From a cross in 1961 A. davidii 'George Forrest' x A. pensylvanicum 'Erythrocladum'.


Published in Maples of the World 244 in 1994.

Parents Acer davidii x Acer pensylvanicum.


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