Achania mollis Aiton

Family: Malvaceae

Genus: Achania


From Bot. Reg. ...grow in a loose wide-spreading way, so as to take up much room, but Malvaviscus far more so than the present; of which we have never seen any specimen that has exceeded four feet. When its flowers, which stand in the axils of the upper leaves of the stem and branches, are numerous, it is very ornamental...

Achania with downy leaves, heart-shaped, three-lobed, and toothed. The outer cup is revolute, and hairy. Flowers grow solitary from the axillae of the leaves. Blossom nearly club-shaped. The petals are folded together and nearly closed, of a bright scarlet colour, nerved and downy. Stem shrubby, hairy, and near three feet high. (Bot. Repos.)


First published in Hort. Kew. 2: 459 in 1789.

Synonym of Malvaviscus arboreus Cav. 1787.

Also published in Bot. Reg. 1: 11 in 1815 and in Bot. Repos. 7: 452 in 1807.

From Bot. Reg. ...introduced in 1780 by Mr. Benjamin Bewick, from South America.

From Bot. Rep. It is a native of South America and the West Indian Islands, was found by Dr. Houston in Jamaica in 1731, and introduced by B.Berwick, esq. in 1780. (Bot. Repos.)

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