Anisodontea reflexa (J.C.Wendl.) D.M.Bates

Family: Malvaceae

Genus: Anisodontea

Category: Shrub - Evergreen

Zones: 9 +

Size: To 7' tall


Pink to white flowers. Crinkly looking leaves.


Published in Gentes Herb. 10: 359 in 1969.

Basionym Malva reflexa J.C.Wendl.

PlantList shows the name as accepted but during my research I noted that in most publications Malva reflexa is listed as a synonym of Malva bryoniifolia L. which is a synonym of Anisodontea bryoniifolia (L.) D.M.Bates:

Sp. Pl., ed. 4 3: 779 in 1800

Nomencl. Bot. (Steudel) 1: 507 in 1821

Gen. Hist. 1: 464 in 1831

Nomencl. Bot. (Steudel), ed. 2. 1: 94 in 1841

Syn. Pl. (D. Dietrich) 4: 816 in 1847.

Note that Andrews reference in Bot. Repos. 2: 135 seems to be Malva tridactylites Cav. and not Malva reflexa J.C.Wendl.

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