Annona reticulata L.

Custard Apple, Netted Pawpaw

Family: Annonaceae

Genus: Annona

Category: Tree - Deciduous

Zones: Tolerates temperatures to 27F

Size: To 35' tall

Growth Rate: Fast


Erect tree with round spreading crown. Leaves alternate to 8" long, smell bad. Green-yellow flowers in clusters followed by fruit, to 6.5" diameter, round or heart-shaped, thin tough skin, green to yellow.


Published in Sp. Pl. 1: 537 in 1753. Lectotype = "Anona maxima, foliis oblongis angustis, fructu maximo luteo conoide, cortice glabro in areolas distincto" in Sloane, Voy. Jamaica, 2: 167, t. 226, 1725. Linnaeus also references Catesby's Natural History Volume 2 Page 62 which is an error and should be Volume 2 Page 86.

Native to the Caribbean.


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