Araucaria columnaris (G.Forst.) Hook.

Coral Reef Araucaria, Cook’s Pine, New Caledonian Pine

Courtesy Forest and Kim Starr

Courtesy Forest and Kim Starr

Photo credit: Plants of Hawaii


Family: Araucariaceae

Genus: Araucaria

Category: Tree - Evergreen

Zones: 9b? to 11

Size: To 120' tall

Exposure: Sun


Narrow, conical form, often has a lean to one side or an S curve in the trunk. Exfoliating bark. Juvenile and mature leaves have a different appearance, the juvenile leaves being needle-like and the mature ones scale-like.


Native to the southwestern Pacific, New Caledonia (Isle of Pines, Loyalty Island). First discovered by Captain Cook on his second voyage around the globe.

Published in Bot. Mag. 78: 4635 in 1852.

Basionym: Cupressus columnaris G.Forst.

Synonym: Dombeya excelsa Lamb. - published in Desc. Pinus ...first discovered by Captain Cook in his second voyage round the globe, on that extremity of New Caledonia, called Queen Charlotte's Foreland, and on a small neighbouring island, named by Captain Cook Botany Island, which is a mere sand bank, only three-fourths of a mile in circuit; also on another island, called by our voyagers the Isle of Pines, from its being almost covered with the above-mentioned tree.


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