Ardisia japonica 'Maruyama Sunago' ('Gifu Ghost')

Round Mountain Dusted Marlberry, Maruyama Sunago Coralberry

In pot

In pot


Family: Primulaceae

Genus: Ardisia

Parent: Ardisia japonica

Category: Groundcover

Zones: 7 to 10

Size: 6 to 8" tall, spreading to 18"

Growth Rate: Slow

Exposure: Shade


Pink flowers and red berries. Variegated leaves, starting off almost white, then turning pink and light green before hardening off to a deep glossy green.

Other Cultivars: 

My Experience: 

I purchased a quart plant from Nurseries Caroliniana in December 2011. I kept it on the window ledge in the kitchen until spring 2013 when I planted it in the Helipad And Tiers garden. It burned immediately so I moved it to a more shady spot in the Camellias And More garden.

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