Aristea cyanea Aiton

Family: Iridaceae

Genus: Aristea


Published in Hortus Kew. 1: 67 in 1789.

Synonym of Aristea africana Hoffmanns.

Also published in Bot. Repos. 1: 10 in 1798: This Aristea is a native of the Cape of Good Hope, and has been described under various synonyms; by Plukenett as a Gramen, by Petiver as Bermudiana Capensis, and by Van Royen, Burmann, and Linnaeus, as an Ixia. But although differing from Linnaeus is against the fixed intention of this undertaking, where there is a possibility of avoiding it; yet in this instance of alteration he must have acquiesced, having undoubtedly never seen the plant himself. The blossom, seed-vessel, seeds, habit, root, and growth, of the plant, so totally differ from the character of Ixia, &c. that we have not hesitated, in accepting the name given it in the Hortus Kewensis; where, it is said to have been introduced, to that collection, by Mr. F. Masson in 1774; though no specific description is given of it; from which we may conjecture, it never flowered there. The figure here given, was taken from a plant which flowered at Messrs. Lee and Kennedy's, in 1797. The Aristea being rather a delicate plant, requires an airy, warm situation in the greenhouse, flowering readily about the month of July, or August; requiring to be kept in a small pot, the soil a light loam. It propagates by seeds, and slips.

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