Banksia integrifolia L.f.

Coast Banksia, Honeysuckle Oak, White Bottlebrush

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Banksia

Category: Tree

Size: To 80' but usually smaller and relatively narrow

Exposure: Sun


Leathery dark green leaves, silvery below. Flowers to 5" long, pale yellow.

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Subordinate taxa: 


Published in Suppl. Pl. 127 in 1782.

Native to Australia.

Synonyms Banksia asplenifolia Salisb., Banksia glauca Cav., Banksia integrifolia var. dentata Meisn., Banksia integrifolia var. major R.Br. ex Meisn., Banksia integrifolia var. minor R.Br. ex Meisn., Banksia reticulata H.Wendl. ex Hoffmanns., Banksia spicata Gaertn., Banksia oleifolia Cav., Banksia oleifolia Salisb.


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