Banksia spinulosa Sm.

Hairpin Banksia

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Banksia

Category: Shrub

Size: From 3' to 10' tall


Flowers from red to brown and gold on spikes to 8" long. Linear narrow leaves, toothed.

Banksia with long linear leaves, rolled back at the edges, and towards the ends furnished with little thorns : branches spreading, thin of leaves at the base, which are bundled together on the upper part of the branches. (Bot. Repos.)

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Subordinate taxa: 


Published in Spec. Bot. New Holland 13 in 1793.

Native to Australia.

Also published by Salisb. in Cult. Prot. 114 in 1809, Cav. in Icon. (Cavanilles) 6: 26 t. 537, Andrews in Bot. Repos. 457 in 1807.


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