Begonia cucullata Willd.

Wax Begonia, Semperflorens Begonia

Family: Begoniaceae

Genus: Begonia

Category: Annual

Size: 6 to 12" tall and wide

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade, Shade


Flowers late spring to early autumn. Pink, red, white flowering forms available. Also cultivars with bronze leaves, variegated forms and some with double flowers. Prefers some shade in hot areas.


Published in Sp. Pl., ed. 4 1: 414 in 1805.

Native to Brazil.

There is some debate and confusion as to the Accepted name. PlantList and ARS-GRIN show the accepted name as B. cucullata var. cucullata but with no author or publication information. Philips and Rix say: Begonia x carrieri hort., syn. Begonia semperflorens hort. (Begnoniaceae) is a complex hybrid group, originally derived from B. cucullata Willd. var. hookeri (Steud.) from Paraguay and N Argentina, crossed with B. schmidtiana Regel from Brazil. Later B. fuchsioides Hook. fil., B. gracilis H. B. & K. and B. minor Jacq. were added to some strains.


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