Berberis x hortensis Mabb.

Media Mahonia

Family: Berberidaceae

Genus: Berberis

Category: Shrub - Evergreen

Zones: 7b to 9

Size: 8 to 15' tall

Growth Rate: Moderate

Exposure: Part Shade


Upright branches, becoming leggy. Coarse appearance. Compound, pinnate, alternate leaves, glossy dark green, 19 to 37 leaflets. Yellow flowers in winter. Drought tolerant but prefers moist well-drained soil.


'Buckland' - pale yellow flowers, named for the Devonshire village where it was raised

'Charity' - soft yellow flowers over a long period

'Underway' - more compact habit

'Winter Sun' - bright yellow flowers on erect racemes


Mahonia japonica x Berberis lomariifolia

Published in Mabberley's Pl.-Book 1021 in 2008.

Synonym Mahonia x media C.D.Brickell. Often referred to as Mahonia x media.


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