Bergenia 'Rosi Klose'

Rosi Klose Bergenia, Giant Rockfoil, Pigsqueak, Largeleaf Saxifrage




Family: Saxifragaceae

Genus: Bergenia

Category: Perennial

Zones: 2 to 9

Size: 15" tall spreading to 24"

Growth Rate: Moderate

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade


Evergreen perennial. Low clump of leathery green foliage with some winter bronzing. Pink flowers on short stems in summer. Tolerates a range of soils and deer and rabbit resistant.

My Experience: 

I purchased 4 1-gallon plants from Evergreen in October 2011 and planted them in the 'Mail Box Garden'. They burned in the sun. In autumn 2012 I moved the remaining two to the area inside the pool fence and planted one in the Helipad And Tiers garden and the other in the Daylily Fountain Garden. The former bloomed in spring 2013.

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