Boronia pinnata Sm.

Hawthorn-scented Boronia

Family: Rutaceae

Genus: Boronia


From Bot. Repos. The Boronia pinnata has much of the aromatic flavour of Diosma in its leaves and stem; the flowers, which appear about February, and continue till May, have the scent of the Hawthorn flower; it grows to a shrub of the height of eighteen inches, is propagated with difficulty by cuttings, and has not hitherto perfected its seeds in this country; requiring a dry situation in the greenhouse, and flourishes most in light sandy peat.


Published in Tracts Nat. Hist. 290 in 1798.

Also published in Bot. Repos. 1: 58 in 1799: Named for Borone; [quote: This is the only species yet in our gardens, of a most beautiful new genus of plants, natives of New South Wales; first named, described, and with three other species, figured in the Tracts relating to Natural History by Dr. J. E. Smith, F.R.S. P.L.S. &c. Thus eternizing the name of an esteemed and faithful servant, who by his ardour in botanical pursuits, had merited the honour; rejecting the usual considerations, riches, or learning, does the Dr. no less credit as a man, for the kindness of his heart, than what his distinguished talents have gained him, by placing him in the first botanical seat in this kingdom. In the short history of the unfortunate end of Borone, the Dr. informs us, he bad resigned him to Dr. Sibthorpe, as a most fit person to attend him in his last journey through Greece; where, at Athens, he met his death, by an accidental fall from a balcony: the Dr. did not long survive him.

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