Bourreria laxa (Jacq.) G.Don

Loose-flowered Beurreria

Ehretia laxa

Ehretia laxa (= syn.)

Family: Boraginaceae

Genus: Bourreria

Category: Shrub

Size: 6 to 10' tall


From Gen. Hist. branches reclinate ; leaves ovate, obtuse, or acutish, quite entire, or a little sinuated, glabrous ; panicles corymbose, loose, terminal ; calyx 5-cleft : segments of corolla ovate, obtuse, with reflexed margins… Leaves petiolate, scattered, dark green, about 4 inches long. Flowers greenish white. Corolla twice as long as the calyx, with ovate, obtuse, reflexed segments. Berry fleshy, red, size of a pea, containing 4 nuts ; but the nuts are not said to be 2-celled or 2-seeded.


Published in Gen. Hist. 4: 390 in 1837. Native of the Island of Bourbon.

Collected in 1826.

Basionym Ehretia laxa Jacq. published in Pl. Rar. Hort. Schoenbr. 1: 18 t. 41 in 1797.


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