Broughtonia sanguinea (Sw.) R.Br.

Blood Red Broughtonia

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Broughtonia

Category: Houseplant

Size: Flowers to 1" diameter (to 2" on occasion)


2 apical leaves. Blooms on inflorescence to 2' long, successively opening flowers (5 to 12). Not fragrant.

From Orchid Album Broughtonia sanguinea is a dwarf evergreen plant, producing short pseudobulbs about two inches or more long, of a pale green colour ; these support a pair of thick leathery leaves on the top, about four inches in length, of a deep olive-green, and linear-oblong in shape. From between the leaves the flower spike ascends, which is upwards of a foot long, and carries at the end many of the bright showy blooms which are borne on reddish purple-coloured pedicels. The sepals and petals are all of a rich crimson, the latter being very much broader and wavy, whilst the former are lanceolate and plain ; the lip is fully an inch and a half in diameter, sub-orbicular, with fimbriated margin, and is also of a rich crimson, veined with a darker shade, and having a white blotch near the throat, where it is stained with deep orange-yellow. This plant is well deserving a place in every collection on account of the brilliant and distinct colours of its flowers, which last a long time in full beauty if they are not sprinkled with water from the syringe.


Published in Hortus Kew. (W.T. Aiton), ed. 2. 5: 217 in 1813. Also published in Bot. Mag. 58: 3076 in 1831 and Orchid Album 11: 499 in 1897.

Native to Jamaica and Cuba.

Basionym Epidendrum negrilensis Sw.

Synonym Broughtonia coccinea Hook. - also pictured in Bot. Mag. 63: 3536 in 1836.


Hybridizing Characteristics: 

Used to breed for shape and color.

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