Brysonima crassifolia (L.) Kunt.

Nance, Golden Spoon, Wild Cherry

Family: Malpighiaceae

Genus: Brysonima

Category: Tree

Size: To 33'


Large shrub to tree. Young branches have russed-red hairs. Leaves opposite, oval to 6.5" long, leathery, glossy above. Flowers on red-hairy racemes, 5 petals, first yellow then orange-red. Round orange fruit, thin skin to 1/2" diameter. Very drought tolerant.

From Bot. Repos. (Malpighia crassifolia) ...a very handsome hothouse plant, growing to the height of five, or six feet, before it flowers.


Published in Nov. Gen. Sp. (H.B.K.) 5: 149 in 1822.

Basionym Malpighia crassifolia L.

Native to Mexico, Brazil, Peru and the Caribbean.

From Bot. Repos. (Malpighia crassifolia) It is a native of Jamaica, and most of the adjacent islands, and was introduced by Messrs. Lee and Kennedy about the year 1793.

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