Caladium bicolor (Aiton) Vent.

Caladium, Elephant’s-ear, Heart of Jesus




Family: Araceae

Genus: Caladium

Category: Perennial

Zones: 9 to 10

Size: 1' to 2'

Growth Rate: Fast

Exposure: Part Shade, Shade


Tuberous perennial grown for the colorful foliage. Most have heart-shaped, lance-shaped or arrowhead-shaped leaves. Colours are typically red, pink, white and green. In cooler climates lift tubers after the leaves die down in autumn or move the container inside and withhold water. Keep dry above 45F. Propagate by dividing the tubers, cutting into pieces with a least two buds or eyes. Plant about 1" deep in well-drained soil. They require lots of moisture when growing. Also prefer organically rich acid soil.


Published in Mag. Encycl. 4: 464 in 1800. Basionym is Arum bicolor Aiton.

Native to South America including Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia.

My Experience: 

I purchased a mixed bag in spring 2014 and planted them in the Front Foundation Hedge.

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