Calycanthus fertilis Andrews

Family: Calycanthaceae

Genus: Calycanthus


Calycanthus with twiggy branches nearly upright. Leaves ovately lance-shaped, and pointed. Flowers fertile. (Bot. Repos.)


Later homonym. Published in Bot. Repos. 8: 539 in 1808. This fruitful species of Calycanthus has not yet been figured by any author we know of, but has been described by two : first by Walter, in his Flora Caroliniana, under the title of C. fertilis ; and afterwards by Michaux, in his Flora Boreali-Americana, under the appellation of C. ferax, synonymous appellations equally good : and we see no reason why it should have been if altered from fertilis, if even for the better, unless that had been a very bad specific title. It is a native of the high mountains of Carolina, in North America, and was introduced by Mr. Lyons in 18O7.

Synonym of Calycanthus floridus var. glaucus (Willd.) Torr. & A.Gray.

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