Camassia quamash (Pursh) Greene

Camas Root, Quamash, Wild Hyacinth

Family: Asparagaceae

Genus: Camassia

Category: Bulb

Zones: 4 to 7

Size: 24 to 36" tall

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade


Pale blue to violet flowers in tall spikes in spring. Found in moist meadows and along the edge of ponds. Tolerates wet, heavy soils.



Native to the Pacific Northwest, east to Wyoming.

Captain Meriwether Lewis collected a specimen in June 1806 which is still in the Lewis and Clark Herbarium and he described it in his journals.

Published in Man. Bot. San Francisco 313 in 1894.

Basionym Phalangium quamash Pursh.


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