Camellia sinensis 'Silver Dust'

Variegated Tea, Silver Dust Camellia




Family: Theaceae

Genus: Camellia

Parent: Camellia sinensis

Category: Shrub - Evergreen

Zones: 7 to 9

Size: 3 to 5' tall and wide?

Growth Rate: Slow

Exposure: Part Shade, Shade


Foliage emerges almost white and hardens to green - much of the time they are speckled with white. Single white flowers not particularly showy. Foliage may burn in full sun.


Ted Stephens brought this back from Japan, having seen it in the garden of Dr. Masato Yokoi, a retired college professor and an expert in plant pigments. The cultivar name was assigned by Ted.

Other Cultivars: 

My Experience: 

I purchased a 1-gallon plant from Nurseries Caroliniana in August 2009 and originally planted it in the corner of the pool fence. It took a long time to start to grow. When it did, almost all the leaves were green and several were burned by the sun. I moved it to a shadier location in late summer 2010 and it immediately looked better. It has remained fairly dense. In spring 2011 it had a spurt of new growth and the variegation came back.

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