Canella winterana (L.) Gaertn.

Wild Cinnamon, Winter's Bark

Family: Cannellaceae

Genus: Canella

Category: Tree - Evergreen

Zones: 9b - 12b

Size: 18' tall and 14' wide

Growth Rate: Slow


Leaves dark green, leathery, clustered at the ends of branches, alternate to 5" long, aromatic. Small dark red flowers, fragrant, intermittently through spring and summer followed by red berries.


Native to Florida, the Caribbean and South America.

Published in Fruct. Sem. Pl. 1: t. 77 in 1788.

Basionym Laurus winterana L. - Linnaeus cites Catesby's Natural History Volume II plate 50.

Synonym Winterana canella L.

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