Carex phyllocephala 'Sparkler'

Sparkler Sedge, Fuiri Tenjiku Suge

Newly planted

Newly planted


Family: Cyperaceae

Genus: Carex

Parent: Carex phyllocephala

Category: Grass

Zones: 7b to 9

Size: 15" tall and wide

Exposure: Part Shade, Shade


Variegated, white margined leaves are in whorls at the top of the 8 to 12" stems. Fertile, well-drained soil. Moist to normal. Tony Avent says it looks like "a grove of miniature variegated palm trees."


Introduced from Japan, named by Barry Yinger.

My Experience: 

I purchased a 4" pot at Big Bloomers in June 2011 and planted it in the Helipad and Tiers garden. It has spread slowly and is always tidy and interesting. Good brightener in a dark spot. By October 2012 was approx. 2' wide and 15" tall.

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