Cattleya cinnabarina (Bateman ex Lindl.) Van den Berg

Cinnabar Laelia, Cattleya

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cattleya

Category: Houseplant


Orange flowers but color variable, narrow petals, star-shaped. Blooms winter to spring. Erect slender inflorescence. Single long dark green leaf.

Bright light and good air circulation. Water and fertilize heavily when growing.


Published in Neodiversity 3(1): 6 in 2008.

Basionym Laelia cinnabarina Bateman ex Lindl. Also published in Bot. Mag. 73: 4302 in 1847. The Orchidaceous House of the Royal Gardens, where our drawing was made in February, 1847, owes the possession of this plant to the Messrs. Loddiges, who received it from Brazil. It appears to have been first introduced, however, from that country, by Mr. Young of Epsom, in 1836.

Native to Brasil.

Pictured in Dict. Icon. Orchid. Laelia #7 in 1897 and Orchid Album 7: 314 in 1888as Laelia cinnabarina.


Hybridizing Characteristics: 

Orange color is dominant. Medium size flowers and numbers. Flower shape mostly dominant, also lack of fragrance. Very small lip. Often thin pseudobulbs. Yellow form produces clear bright yellow flowers. (Hereditary Influences of the Cattleya Alliance -

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