Cattleya dowiana var. aurea (Linden) B.S.Williams & T.Moore

Golden Yellow Cattleya

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cattleya

Parent: Cattleya dowiana

Category: Houseplant


Larger flowers, wider petals and sepals than Cattleya dowiana and a more yellow color.

From Orchid Album Stems stout, clavate, furrowed, eight to ten inches high, monophyllous. Leaves evergreen, broadly oblong, obtuse, coriaceous, nearly a foot long. Scape terminal, about four-flowered, emerging from a compressed bluntish spathe. Flowers very large, about six inches across and seven inches deep, with a superbly-coloured lip; sepals linear-lanceolate, plane, recurved at the tip, four inches long and about three-fourths of an inch wide, the dorsal one somewhat shorter and broader, all pale or primrose-yellow; petals ovate, apiculate, about three inches long and two and a-half inches broad, of the same colour as the sepals; lips obcordate, very large, four inches long and nearly three inches wide, obscurely three-lobed: lateral lobes erect, and meeting over the column, purple-crimson, closely veined with deep golden-yellow : front lobe very large, deeply emarginate, with the edge undulated, closely and finely crisped, rich velvety purple -crimson throughout, with about three golden lines down the centre, extending to within about one-third of the apex, from the outer of which branch off curving towards the margin a close series of golden reticulations, the sides being also marked by irregular blotches of gold. Column pale yellow, clavate, curved down, and almost covered by the lateral lobes of the lip.


Published in Orchid Album 2: 84 in 1883.

Native to Colombia.

Basionym Cattleya aurea Linden.

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