Cattleya F.W.Wigan

F.W.Wigan Cattleya (C.)

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cattleya

Category: Houseplant


From Gard. Chron., ser. 3 28: 97 in 1900: Cattleya x F. W. Wigan (Schilleriana x aurea), from Sir Frederick Wigan, Bart., Clare Lawn, East Sheen (gr., Mr. W. H. Young).— A very fine hybrid, of the general appearance of C. x Whitei, but exhibiting the characters of C. Schilleriana in a more marked degree. Sepals light rose, tinged with bronzy-yellow ; petals rose colour. Lip purple on the side lobes, yellow in the centre, the front rose, with purplish-crimson veins (First-class Certificate).

From Orchid Rev. 8: 228 in 1900: This handsome hybrid, which is derived from Cattleya Schilleriana and C. Dowiana aurea has just flowered in the collection of Sir Frederick Wigan, Clare Lawn, East Sheen, and promises to be a brilliant acquisition. In general shape, it bears a considerable resemblance to the handsome C. X Whitei, which is not surprising, considering that C. Schilleriana is one parent of both, and that the second parents of the two are such allied forms as C. Warneri and C. Dowiana. In colour even the difference is less than might have been anticipated, had we not learnt by experience how largely the character of C. Dowiana is lost in its hybrids. Apart from this, the present novelty has plenty of distinctive character. It may be described as a considerably enlarged edition of C. Schilleriana with the petals about twice as broad as the sepals, and both of a nearly uniform light rose-purple shade, while the strongly three-lobed lip has the front lobe very broad, veined and mottled with rich crimson -purple on a lighter ground, the side lobes less mottled with similar colours, and the disc distinctly veined with yellow, and bearing some additional yellow markings in front. In this, as well as in the generally modified character, the influence of C. Dowiana is distinctly seen. The plant received a First-class Certificate from the R. H. S. on July 31st.


Registered and originated by Wigan in 1/1/1900.

Seed parent Cattleya dowiana.

Pollen parent Cattleya schilleriana.

Pictured in Dict. Icon. Orchid. Cattleya hybrid #25 in 1904.


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