Cattleya Isabella (1878)

Isabella (1878) Cattleya

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cattleya

Category: Houseplant


Registered and originated by Bleu in 1878.

Seed parent Cattleya forbesii

Pollen parent Cattleya intermedia.

Synonyms: Cattleya x krameriana (pictured in Dict. Icon. Orchid. Cattleya hybrid #312 in 1905), Cattleya Fimbriata, Cattleya Kramerana, Cattleya Krameriana, Cattleya No. 1, Cattleya Lourryana, Cattleya Louryana, Cattleya Lowryana.

Note Kew Checklist (and PlantList) show C. x isabellae Rchb.f. (published in Wochenschr. Vereines Beford. Gartenbaues Konigl. Preuss. Staaten 336 in 1859) as an accepted name also.


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