Cattleya x mantinii

Mantin's Cattleya

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cattleya

Category: Houseplant


From Orchid Rev.: This is a most interesting and beautiful hybrid raised by M. Georges Mantin, Chateau de Bel Air, Olivet, France, from Cattleya Bowringiana and C. Dowiana aurea. The cross was made in 1889, the seed sown the following year, and the first flowers were produced in October, 1894. Photographs received show two plants, one with a three-flowered raceme, the other with two. The flowers are large, and approach those of the pollen parent in shape. The sepals and petals are rose-purple, the front lobe of the lip being much darker and very richly coloured, and the disc traversed with some golden yellow lines. The majority of the pseudobulbs are two-leaved, as in the mother plant, but one of the plants has the two oldest ones monophyllous, as in the pollen parent. It is a very handsome thing, and has flowered at the comparatively early age of four years, so that it will probably improve considerably on attaining its full development. C. Bowringiana, from its free habit and numerous flowers, is a very promising parent, and it is not improbable that we may soon hear of several other crosses from it.


Published in Orchid Rev. 2: 365 in 1894.

Also published in Dict. Icon. Orchid. Cattleya hybrid #7 in 1898 as Cattleya bowringiana var. floribunda colorata x C. dowiana var. aurea.

In the 1894 publications the parents are shown as Cattleya bowringiana (which is a synonym of Guarianthe bowringiana) and Cattleya dowiana var. aurea.


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