Cattleya maxima Lindl.

Great Cattleya




Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cattleya

Category: Houseplant


Single leaf. Blooms in autumn and winter on a terminal inflorescence to 12" long. Fragrant flowers. Two types - few but large flowers or amy but small flowers.

From Edwards's Bot. Reg.: Its main peculiarities consist in its long-channelled pseudo-bulbs, and in its very convex wavy petals, which are quite different in appearance from the thin, nearly flat, petals of C. Mossiae and labiata.

From Bot. Mag.: and the labellum, of a pale colour, almost white, with an orange-yellow streak on the disc, is elegantly reticulated with purple veins.


Published in Gen. Sp. Orchid. Pl. 116 in 1833.

Native to Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Also published in Edwards's Bot. Reg. 32: 1 in 1846 and Bot. Mag. 82: 4902 in 1856.


Hybridizing Characteristics: 

Hybrids with this parent have vigorous growth, good lip pattern and dark colors. Often poor shape. The many but small flowered type gives good number of flowers in the progeny. (Hereditary Influences of the Cattleya Alliance -

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