Cattleya x patrocinii St.-Lég.

Patrocinio's Cattleya

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cattleya

Category: Houseplant


Blooms in autumn, flowers to 5" diameter.


Published in Citade de Rio 28 May 1890. Also published in Orchid Rev. 1: 343 in 1893: In a Brazilian newspaper, the Citade de Rio, for May 28, 1890, an account was published by Visconde de Saint Leger of a Brazilian Cattleya, under the name of Cattleya x Patrocinii, which was stated to be a natural hybrid between Cattleya Loddigesii and C. guttata leopardina, and judging by the description given, which is in Portuguese, the parentage has been correctly recorded. In August of the same year a Cattleya, which had been imported from Rio de Janeiro two or three years previously, flowered for the first time, in the collection of Herr Rucker-Jenisch, of Flottbeck, Hamburg, under the care of the late Franz Kramer, who at once thought it must be a natural hybrid, with some such parentage as the above. It has also appeared with M. A. A. Peeters, of St. Gilles, Brussels, who received it from Brazil four years ago. It has flowered on three occasions, always in September and October, and this year it carries a raceme of seven flowers. M. Peeters states that the plant closely resembles C. Loddigesii in habit. The flowers show an unmistakable combination of the characters of the two parents. The sepals and petals are subequal, bright rose-purple, with many darker spots. The lip is three-lobed, nearly intermediate in shape, the side lobes acute, and yellowish white with a slight suffusion of rose, and the front lobe deep rose-purple. The column is pale lilac, its face yellow at the base and light rose-purple above. Thus the flower is most like C. guttata in shape, with the size and colour approaching C. Loddigesii, both, however, being somewhat modified, as hybrids always are. It is very distinct and beautiful.

Natural hybrid Cattleya guttata x Cattleya warneri according to R.Govaerts in Kew's World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. However the International Orchid Register lists it as Cattleya warneri x Cattleya tigrina.

Also published in Dict. Icon. Orchid. Cattleya hybrid #6 in 1898. There it is written as a natural hybrid between Cattleya loddigesii and Cattleya guttata var. leopardina (the latter being a synonym of Cattleya tigrina). This combination is shown in the International Orchid Register as Cattleya Gaudii with synonym Cattleya Patrocinii (1897).

Patrocinio is a town in Brazil.


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