Cattleya perrinii Lindl.

Perrin's Laelia, Perrin's Cattleya

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cattleya

Category: Houseplant


Single leathery leaf. Blooms in summer, to 5" diameter flowers.

From Edwards's Bot. Reg.: This species is a native of Brazil, and is not unlike C. labiata, although inferior to it in beauty. It is distinguished readily by there being an inflated fistular cavity proceeding from the base of the lip to that of the ovary, and by the peculiar form of the lip, which is perfectly destitute of plaits, ridges, or other projections in its middle. It is probable that other species of this genus are furnished with a similar fistular passage, but if so it is not inflated, and consequently is not observable upon external inspection. Although this indicates the presence of a spur to the lip, yet it does appear to be of more than specific importance, for we find in the genus Epidendrum some species with and others without the same structure.

From Orchid Album: Laelia Perrinii is an evergreen plant, with dark green foliage and pseudobulbs, the leaves being about a foot high, and the pseudobulbs ten inches. The flower-spikes proceed from the top of the bulbs, and issue from a sheathing bract; they appear after the plants have completed their growth. The sepals and petals are of a light tint of magenta colour, while the lip is of a dark purple-crimson, with a rich yellow throat. The species blooms in October and November, and continues for about two weeks in perfection.


Published in Edwards's Bot. Reg. 24: 2 in 1838.

Basionym of Laelia perrinii (Lindl.) Bateman - pictured in Dict. Icon. Orchid. Laelia #16 in 1900 and in Orchid Album 2: 60 in 1883.

Native to Brazil.

Synonyms Laelia perrinii var. irrorata Rchb.f., Laelia perrinii var. alba O'Brien.


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