Cattleya tenebrosa (Rolfe) A.A.Chadwick

Dark Laelia, Dark Cattleya

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cattleya

Category: Houseplant


Single, apical, erect leaf with rounded tip. Inflorescence 12" long with 3 to 4 fragrant flowers, not long-lived. Tenebrosa refers to the dark bronze-brown flowers.

From Orchid Album (Laelia grandis tenebrous) [quote: Pseudobulbs stout, club shaped, slightly compressed, bearing on the apex a single large leaf, which is obtusely oblong, coriaceous in texture and deep green in colour. The spadix is erect, and bears from three to five flowers, each flower being from six to eight inches across ; sepals oblong-lanceolate, acute ; petals much broader, beautifully crisped and undulated, of a rich coppery hue ; lip three-lobed, the side lobes forming a long funnel-shaped tube which quite encircles the column ; the front lobe large and spreading, undulated at the margin, having a pale border flushed with rose colour and a very large deep stain of blackish purple in the throat, from which run out numerous veins of the same colour. Column

short, triangular.]


Published in Classic Cattleyas 157 in 2006.

Basionym Laelia tenebrosa (Rolfe) Rolfe - pictured in Dict. Icon. Orchid. Laelia #8 in 1897 and 8a (de M. Lionet).

Synonym Laelia grandis var. tenebrosa Rolfe, pictured in Orchid Album 11: 487 in 1897.

Native to Brazil.


Hybridizing Characteristics: 

Used for large bronze flowers. Dominant color, size and shape. (Hereditary Influences of the Cattleya Alliance -

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