Cattleya tigrina A.Rich.

Cattleya Tigrina

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cattleya

Category: Houseplant


Flowers in late spring, to 3" diameter, with up to 30 flowers per inflorescence, spicy fragrance. Two leaves.

From Orchid Album (C. guttata var. leopoldii) Stems (or pseudobulbs) elongate, fusiform, many-jointed, two to two and a half feet in height, bearing a pair of leaves at the apex. Leaves broadly-oblong obtuse, dark green, coriaceous. Scape terminal, issuing from a short ovate acute ancipitous spathe developed between the leaves on the more vigorous stems and bearing a many-flowered raceme, with small lance-shaped bracts. Flowers fleshy, in dense racemes, "sometimes as large as a man's head ;" sepals cuneate-oblong acute, the lateral ones subfalcate, of a light cinnamon or orange-tinted brown, spotted thickly with crimson; petals similar in form and colour, but rather broader and wavy ; lip three-lobed, the lateral lobes semi-ovate, acute in front, rolled over the column, the middle lobe cunoate-flabellate and bilobod, of a bright magenta color, the disk tuberculate with lines of elevated papillae.


Published in Portef. Hort. 2: 166 in 1848.

Also published in Dict. Icon. Orchid. Cattleya plate 15a (as C. leopoldii var. purpurea.

Synonyms: Cattleya leopoldii var. purpurea Cogn., Cattleya leopoldii Verschaff. ex Lem., Cattleya guttata var. leopardina Linden & Rodigas (pictured in Orchid Album 1: 16 in 1882).

Native to Brazil.


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