Cattleya trianae Linden & Rchb.f.

Winter Cattleya, Christmas Orchid

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cattleya

Category: Houseplant


Winter bloomer. Single leaf. Wide range of colors from pastels to deeper shades. Feathered petals, two to three flowers per stem. Long-lasting. Two growths each year, flowering on both.

Only repot when new roots emerge from the lead pseudobulb. Likes sun and good air circulation but not warm leaves. Keep slightly dry during the rest period and start growing it right after flowering with frequent water on sunny days. It should complete the first growth by early summer and then start a second growth to be completed by late summer. Rest in autumn and flowers should be produced in December to February.

From Orchid Album Leaves solitary, coriaceous, ligulate-oblong, recurved at the tip, of a deep green colour, six to eight inches long. Scape two or three-flowered, proceeding from a terminal oblong compressed brownish bract or sheath, about two inches long. Flowers large, variable in colour, from white to a dilute delicate tint of rosy purple in the typical form, the lip being of a rich magenta ; sepals three inches or more in length, oblong-lanceolate, plane, of a delicate blush or pallid tint of rosy purple ; petals of the same colour, rhombeo-ovate, retuse, crispulate at the anterior edge ; lip convolute at the base, where it is of a pale purplish mauve, the front lobe obovate, rounded and crimped in the anterior part, where it is bilobed, wholly covered with crimson-magenta, exceedingly rich and brilliant, the disk marked with a broad rich orange-yellow bilobed blotch. Column club-shaped, bearing at the tip a pair of sickle-shaped wings.

Subordinate taxa: 


Published in Wochenschr. Gärtnerei Pflanzenk. 3: 67 in 1860.

Native to Colombia.

Also published in Dict. Icon. Orchid. Cattleya plate 5 in 1897 and Orchid Album 1: 45 in 1882.

Synonyms Cattleya trianae var. alba L.Linden & Rodigas, Cattleya trianae var. reginae B.S.Williams. (pictured in Orchid Album 10: 466 in 1893 and Dict. Icon. Orchid. Cattleya plate 5b in 1897), Cattleya trianae var. mariae Cogn., Cattleya trianae var. backhausiana auct., Cattleya trianae var. massangeana (Rchb.f.) B.S.Williams (published in Orchid Album 6: 242 in 1887 and also pictured in Dict. Icon. Orchid. Cattleya plate 5f in 1900).


Hybridizing Characteristics: 

Hybrids bloom in winter. Used for large flowers. Dominant small lip and vigorous growth. (Hereditary Influences of the Cattleya Alliance -

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