Cattleya velutina Rchb.f.

Velvety Cattleya

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cattleya

Category: Houseplant


Flowers to 4" diameter on 5" inflorescence. Very fragrant.

From Orchid Album Stems slender, terete, from twelve to eighteen inches high, supporting the evergreen foliage, and furnished at intervals with short ovate appressed bracts. Leaves in pairs, oblong, acute, widest near the base, leathery, about eight inches long, and an inch and a half broad, of a dark green colour. Scape two-flowered, issuing from a terminal compressed sheath or bract. Flowers of medium size, stout in texture, tawny orange, the lip white marked with purplish spots arranged in radiating lines, very fragrant ; sepals ligulate-oblong, acute, recurved, rich tawny orange, spotted with purple ; petals of the same colour, cuneate-oblong, acute, somewhat lobulate or wavy; lip three-lobed, the side lobes very short semi-vats, partially enclosing the column, the front lobe large, roundish-ovate, apiculate, wavy and toothletted, the disk between the side lobes yellow with purplish streaks, the radiating veins purplish, the front or middle lobe white with dark purple veins, everywhere clothed with velvety pubescence. Column free at the back, marked with many purple spots, and having a purplish border to the anther-bed.

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Published in Gard. Chron. 147: 1373 in 1870.

Pictured in Orchid Album 1: 26 in 1882.

Native to Brazil.

Synonyms: Cattleya velutina var. alutacea (Barb.Rodr.) Cogn. and Cattleya alutacea Barb.Rodr.


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