Cattleya warneri T.Moore ex R.Warner

Warner's Cattleya

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cattleya

Category: Houseplant

Size: Flowers to 6" diameter


Single leaf, 6 to 8" long, 3" wide. Blooms in early summer. Short inflorescence with double sheath, up to 5 flowers. Flowers fragrant and much variation in the color of the flowers. Description of the flowers from Orchid Album Sepals lanceolate, entire, with recurved margins of a beautiful magenta-rose ; petals very large and broad, measuring two and a half inches across, ovate, denticulate, crispulate near the apex, of a beautiful magenta-rose with slight veining of a darker shade ; lip three-lobed, very large, measuring three inches in length, the mid lobe being two inches wide ; lateral lobes appressed, rosy purple, throat yellow veined with orange-yellow, bordered with white ; mid lobe of a rich purple-magenta, the margin strongly undulated, and of a rosy purple shade, which is continued round the anterior edges of the side lobes.


Published in Select Orchid. Pl. 1: 8 in 1862.

Native to Brazil.

Also pictured in Orchid Album 11: 521 (1897).


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