Cinnamomum japonicum Siebold

Blue Leaf Yabunikkei, Japanese Cinnamon, Mountain Cinnamon

Family: Lauraceae

Genus: Cinna

Category: Tree - Evergreen

Zones: 7b - 10b

Size: To 30 to 50' tall

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade


Glossy green leaves, oval pointed tip, grey green below, petiole to 1/2" long. Branchlets scented, red to brown, slender.


Subordinate taxa: 


Published in Verh. Batav. Genootsch. Kunst. 12: 123 in 1830.

Listed as unresolved by PlantList but accepted by Flora of China and widely used.

From J. Arnold Arbor. 20: 49 in 1939: For years, the name Cinnamomum pedunculatum has been attached to a variety of specimens from all over southeasterrn Asia. It has not been clear exactly what did comprise the true species. Nakai first established the identity of Laurus pedunculata Thunberg, upon which Nees, apparently, without having seen the specimen, based C. pedunculatum. The specimen, however, as Nakai states, is Hedyotis pedunculata (Thbg.) Nakai… Cinnamomum pedunculatum of Nees, now known as C. japonicum, occurs only in Japan, Formosa, Corea and the Liukiu Islands. There are records of misnamed C. pedunculatum from China, but these specimens are found to be C. Burmanni.

Synonyms from Flora of China:

Cinnamomum acuminatifolium Hayata, Cinnamomum chekiangense Nakai, Cinnamomum chenii Nakai, Cinnamomum insularimontanum Hayata, Cinnamomum japonicum var. chekiangense (Nakai) M.B.Deng & G.Yao, Cinnamomum macrostemon var. pseudoloureiroi (Hayata) Yamamoto, Cinnamomum pedunculatum Nees, Cinnamomum pseudoloureiroi Hayata.


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