Clinopodium carolinianum Mill.

Family: Lamiaceae

Genus: Clinopodium


No information available other than Miller's description: Field Basil with an upright unbranching stalk, leaves hairy on their under side, fewer whorls, and bractea longer than the empalement.

The fifth sort was sent me by the late Dr. Dale, from Carolina; this hath a perennial root, which sends up strait hairy stalks, almost round; the joints of these are four or five inches asunder, at each of these come but two oblong leaves, hairy on their under side, standing upon short foot-stalks; at the bottom of these corne out on each side a slender branch, half an inch long, having two or four small leaves, shaped like the other. The flowers are produced in small whorls, standing thinly; these are white, and the bractea are longer than the empalement. This flowers in August.


Published in Gard. Dict. ed. 8 5 in 1768.

Kew reports this as the accepted name for Clinopodium georgianum R.M.Harper. Perhaps they are the same plant but there is no track of the reasoning behind this conclusion. There is no plant information other than Miller's work available describing the plant which suggests that they are one and the same since 2 plants do not exist in commerce, and if they are the same then Miller's name would take precedence, however the authors of Clinopodium georgianum R.M.Harper have historically kept it separate from Miller's plant.


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