Clowesia rosea Lindl.

Rose-colored Clowesia

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Clowesia

Category: Houseplant


Blooms in winter on 5" inflorescences, flower fragrant to 1" diameter. Loses its leaves in autumn.


Published in Edwards's Bot. Reg. 29 (Misc): 25 in 1843. We have lately received from the Rev. John Clowes, a most zealous cultivator of Orchidaceous plants, specimens of a Brazilian species with the habit of a Catasetum, but with a structure quite different from that of any genus yet described. Its flowers have the chin of the Maxillaridous division, but they differ entirely from all the genera belonging to it in the peculiar structure of the pollen-masses and of the petals.

Also pictured in that volume as plate 39: It is very like a Catasetum in habit. The stems are from 2 1/2 to 4 inches long, ovate, clothed with the remains of the bases of leaves. The leaves, which I have not seen, are said to be three, lanceolate, ovate, acuminate, and at the point twisting a little to one side. The inflorescence proceeds from the base of the stems (not apex as was formerly stated on the authority of Mr. Clowes's gardener, who thought apex signified the bottom), and consists of five or six, probably more, erect delicate white flowers tinged with pink. They are remarkable for having their petals and the end of the lip broken up at the margin into numerous delicate glandular fringes, which give them a very rich and beautiful appearance.

Synonym Catasetum roseum (Lindl.) Rchb.f.

Native to Mexico.


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