Conospermum taxifolium C.F.Gaertn.

Variable Smoke-bush, Yew-leaf Smoke Bush, Paint Brush

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Conospermum

Category: Shrub

Size: To 32" tall


Needle-like foliage to 1" long, close to stem. Flowerheads cream to white, to 2.5" long.

Shrub erect. Stem rounded, brown; Branches erect, green when young and pubescent. Leaves subulato-filiform, slightly twisted, mucronate, veinless, when seen under a microscope a little scabrous, veinless, somewhat imbricated, persisting, very numerous. Peduncles axillary, crowded at the extremity of the branches, erect, elongated, obscurely scabrous, and having a few scattered ovato-acuminate, blueish bracteae, but no flowers (unless an abortive one) except at the top, where they form a rather dense, almost capitate spike. Flowers, in the bud, slightly tinged with pink, afterwards white, spreading... (Bot. Mag. C. ericifolium)

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Published in Suppl. Carp. 2: 199 in 1807.

Native to Australia.

Synonyms Conospermum ericifolium Sm., Conospermum ericaefolium Salisb. ex Knight, Conospermum falcifolium Salisb. ex Knight.


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