Crinum x powellii Baker

Powell's Cape-lily

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Genus: Crinum

Category: Bulb

Zones: 6 to 11

Size: 3 to 4' mound of leaves

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade


Arching strap-like leaves. Fragrant, pink, funnel-shaped flowers on leafless stalks in summer. Bulbs can be 7" in diameter.



Published in Handb. Amaryll. 95 in 1888. Described from a living plant in the garden of Sir W. Bowman, at Jolwynds, Dorking, Jul 1887. From Crinum website This is a well known hybrid that was developed in the late 1880's using crinum bulbispermum x crinum mooreii.

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