Crossandra infundibuliformis (L.) Nees

Firecracker-flower, Firecracker-plant

Family: Acanthaceae

Genus: Crossandra

Category: Shrub - Evergreen

Zones: Above 55F


Tropical shrubs used as hedges in warm zones but growing only to 2' in pots. Dark, glossy green foliage, turns black below 55F. Tubluar flowers flattened at the trumpet end, typically orange to salmon colored. Sun to part shade. Do not let soil dry out between waterings.

Ruellia with opposite alternate leaves, lance-shaped, waved, ribbed, and shining. Flowers grow in terminal spikes, crowded together. Blossom funnel-shaped: segments of the border five-cleft and notched, spreading, wrinkled, of a scarlet colour, and yellow at the base. (Bot. Repos. - Ruellia infundibuliformis)


Published in Pl. Asiat. Rar. (Wallich) 3: 98 in 1832.

Native to India, Sir Lanka and Thailand.

Basionym is Justicia infundibuliformis L.

Synonyms: Crossandra undulaefolia Salisb., Ruellia infundibuliformis (L.) Andrews - published in Bot. Repos. 8: 542 in 1808 - It is the Justicia infundibuliformis of Linnaeus, but must, according to his own system, be removed to the class Tetrandria. We have seen it in many collections in great luxuriance. It is a native of the East Indies, and was introduced by the Right Hon. C. Greville, four or five years ago.

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