Cryptomeria japonica 'Gyokuryu'

Gyokuru Japanese Cedar

Form 2 years old

Form 2 years old


Family: Taxodiaceae

Genus: Cryptomeria

Parent: Cryptomeria japonica

Category: Shrub - Evergreen

Zones: 5 to 8

Size: 12' tall 6' wide

Growth Rate: Slow

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade


Broad pyramidal form becoming more columnar. Shorter and darker needles than the species.

Other Cultivars: 

My Experience: 

I purchased this as a 1-gallon 'Black Dragon' but it was clearly not that and we have decided it is a 'Gyokuryu'. After purchase in May 2009 I planted it in the front garden. It has grown steadily, bronzing a little in winter 2010.

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