Cryptomeria japonica 'Sekkan Sugi'

Sekkan Sugi Japanese Cedar

In pot

In pot


Family: Taxodiaceae

Genus: Cryptomeria

Parent: Cryptomeria japonica

Category: Tree - Evergreen

Zones: 6 to 9

Size: 25 to 30' tall, 10 to 12' wide

Growth Rate: Fast

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun


New growth is a pale yellow but fades to green in hot weather. Pyramidal conical habit.


Used in Japan as a timber tree.

Other Cultivars: 

My Experience: 

I purchased a 1-gallon plant in September 2010 from Nurseries Caroliniana and planted it in the new berm. Deer stripped the bark off my young tree in October 2010 (I believe by rubbing their heads on it). They knocked off all the lower branches except 1. The bark was missing from 90% of the diameter of the tree. The remaining branch stayed green but the rest turned brown, and then during the winter the whole plant turned brown. The original main stem died but the branch came back so I removed the main stem and I am hoping the branch will straighten up! It has turned up and grown about 10" by September 2011.

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