Catasetum pileatum Rchb.f.

Felt-Capped Catasetum

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Catasetum

Category: Houseplant


Blooms in spring to autumn on a 12" inflorescence, 4 to 10 flowers, fragrant, flat, to 4" diameter.

From Gard. Chron. n.s. A curious species comparable to Catasetum cernuum. It has rather large flowers, comparable to those of Catasetum Naso. Sepals narrow, light reddish. They may, however, have been green before, as sometimes is the fact from withering. Petals broad, oblong acute, white. Lip a wide nearly obtuse-angled expansion descending in a blunt cone, white. This interesting species was introduced from Venezuela by Director Linden...


Published in Gard. Chron. n.s. 17: 492 in 1882.

Native to Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador.

Also published in Bot. Mag. 114: 6998 in 1888 as Catasetum bungerothii and Orchid Album 8: 352 in 1889.


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