X Cattlianthe Jewel Box

Jewel Box Cattlianthe, Jewel Box Sophrolaeliacattleya

Cultivar Dark Waters

Cultivar Dark Waters

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cattlianthe

Category: Houseplant


'Dark Waters' - true red, compact form, flowers to 3" diameter, blooms in late winter.


Registered and originated by Stewart Inc. 1/12/1962.

Seed parent Guarianthe aurantiaca

Pollen parent Cattleya Anzac (1921)

Previously known as Sophrolaeliacattleya Jewel Box because Guarianthe aurantiaca was known as Cattleya aurantiaca and Cattleya Anzac (1921) was known as Sophrolaeliacattleya Anzac (1921).


My Experience: 

I saw the cultivar 'Dark Waters' at Carter & Holmes.

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