Cymbidium iridioides D.Don

Iris-Like Cymbidium

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cymbidium

Category: Houseplant


Inflorescence to 3' long, 4 to 20 flowers, slightly fragrant, long-lasting.

From Orchid Album C. giganteum is a plant of noble mien, with persistent, two-ranked sword-shaped leaves, which become dilated at the base, and closely sheath the oblong pseudobulbs ; the leaves grow some three feet or more long, are grace-fully arched, leathery in texture, and deep green in colour. The spike proceeds from the base of the mature growth, and is from two to three feet long, bearing a many-flowered raceme of fragrant flowers, becoming pendulous by the weight of the blooms. The sepals and petals are yellowish green, streaked with purple, whilst the lip is yellow, densly spotted round the margin with bright crimson.


Published in Prodr. Fl. Nepal. 36 in 1825.

Native to China, Himalayas, India, Nepal, Myanamar and Vietnam.

Published in Bot. Mag. 81: 4844 in 1855 as synonym Cymbidium giganteum Wall. ex Lindl. and pictured in Orchid Album 6: 284 in 1887.


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