Cymbidium parishii Rchb.f.

Parish's Cymbidium

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Cymbidium

Category: Houseplant


10" inflorescence, 2 to 3 flowers, fragrant, do not open well.

From Orchid Album Racemes springing from the axils of the outer leaves, three to seven-flowered, the scapes furnished with lanceolate, falcate, acuminate, scariose sheaths. Flowers large, sweet-scented, ivory-white, with an orange disk and crimson-purple spots on the lip ; sepals and petals oblong-ligulate, acute, of a creamy white colour, the lateral sepals largest ; lip white with an orange coloured central band, flabellately dilated from a narrowed base, three-cleft in front, the side lobes oblong directed forwards, white, with numerous violet-purple spots, the middle or front lobe cuneate-ovate, undulated, with an orange-coloured silky or velvety disk, spotted with purplish crimson ; disk having near the base a callus which terminates abruptly in front, and is furnished on the outer side with velvety hairs. Column white behind, yellow at the edges, and in front having brownish purple spots at the base; caudicle provided In front, on both sides, with an awl-shaped extrorse process.

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Published in Trans. Linn. Soc. London 30: 144 in 1874.

Pictured in Orchid Album 1: 25 in 1882.

Native to Myanmar.


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